Jul 08 2017 · I put the gravel vac in the sand and wait until the waste get halfway up the tube then I kink the hose with my hand so the flow stops and the sand falls back down It cleans all the sand and if you just do the top of the sand you are not getting all the built up gasses trapped in the sand bed It s the easiest way to clean the sandbed

Jan 24 2008 · When sand is used as an aquarium substrate how do you clean it I d imagine alot of fish poo would get in it and a gravel vaccuum would just suck it right up How do you clean the sand in an aquarium

Any suggestions on how to clean substrate without a vacuum or syphon think that s what it s called Thanks shrimps substrate answer 2 How do i clean my gravel vacuum from ich to clean my other tanks Tips for changing your substrate from gravel to sand Can I clean gravel substrate How to gravel vacuum sand

Add coarse sand on top of the gravel Tip fine sand on top of the coarse sand to create a layered effect Pour tap water through the filter to clean it Hold the filter close to the tap or pouring spout and pour slowly so as not to disturb the sand

Feb 14 2011 · best way to keep sand bed clean whats up guys and i have been wondering whats the best way to keep the sand bed clean i thought about vacuuming my sand but didnt know which gravel cleaner to

Jan 18 2020 · Sand is considered the most natural substrate since most aquarium fish are from an environment that has sand silt or mud – all of which sand accurately replicates Sand also has little to no gaps between each grain meaning nowhere for uneaten food and poop to get stuck – making sand one of the easiest substrates to keep clean Soil

I found an easy way to rinse the dust in sand from granules rubbing while in the manufactures packaging Firstly do it outside It gets messy I used a big bucket from a hardware store that I also use for large water changes I poured 1 2 a bag of

Clean the tank with warm tap water Do not use soap Clean the filter thermostat and tubes Wipe the inside with paper towel Put all the gravel back into the tank mixing together the dirty and clean gravel Refill the tank with clean cold tap water Be sure to add a de chlorinating agent to the water Plug in all the electrical equipment

Apr 20 2008 · I just put pool sand in my 180 used 200 s which put it at 3 4 depth across the bottom I didn t clean it because I figure it s filter sand and should already be clean There was some initial cloudiness at first but has almost completely disipated this morning I have the filter running but right now it only has in it and no other media

Nov 07 2018 · But if you have sand in your aquarium you want to clean it just like you would regular aquarium gravel I recommend using the siphon method where when you do your regular water change every two to four weeks you want to siphon water out of the sand bed just like you would the gravel to free a

Sep 21 2017 · Landscape gravel is a versatile choice for any driveway or patio pathway and it incorporates flowers and greenery very well Landscape gravel is a popular among gardeners because it is very easy to clean Cleaning landscape gravel requires a few simple steps that can be accomplished with a handful of ingredients found at home

Nov 12 2019 · Only clean gravel before putting it into your tank for the first time This is the only time you should be cleaning the gravel Once your gravel is in the tank you should only vacuum it Gravel hosts a lot of good helpful bacteria that are beneficial for your aquarium Rinsing your gravel

Mar 09 2013 · Hello fish fanatics I am wondering what is the best way to clean sand without to much disruption of a tank All of my tanks have sand in them as substrate and I am wondering what is the most effective and efficient way to get rid of the waste poop build up on the sand

Mar 13 2017 · For the substrate I used Aragonite sand and I put the sand in the media bag and rinsed it that way I also filled a 5 gallon bucket with water and used this to help rinse the sand This method works great for Aragonite sand and helps get the sand clean the best it can

Sand is trickier to clean than gravel during weekly maintenance because gravel cleaners are likely to suck up the sand as well as the gravel if you aren t careful The Oscar Fish Lover website suggests angling the gravel cleaner and or holding it a few inches away from the sand It might take a few goes to get right but of course if you

Mar 11 2020 · Take the opportunity to clean filters hoses and pumps before you add the new salt water Also siphon the substrate to clean it when you do water changes Just be sure to avoid siphoning coral sand by adjusting the flow of water either by kinking the line or

Gravel looks natural and is reasonably cheap to buy But it does need regular cleaning especially if you have bottom dwelling fish like catfish and loaches that spend much of their lives in contact with the substrate The type of substrate you decide on will have big effect on how much time you

If your saltwater aquarium has a sand substrate you may not want to clean it as cleaning sand substrate can reduce the particle size in the sand bed For all other substrates fill a bucket no more than half full with the substrate Then fill the bucket with an equal amount of water

Dec 31 2013 · 3 Tips for Clean Aquarium Sand Cleaning Aquarium sand is easy although some people do struggle I have three easy tips to keeping your sand clean 1 Water Flow Water flow is very important to

So sand vs gravel Some fish species prefer a sand substrate Sand looks natural and beautiful However sand is more prone to clouding your water it could damage filters and there is a chance of toxic air chambers forming in the sand Gravel requires a deeper cleaning typically with a gravel

Oct 22 2015 · For substrate I have used sand pea gravel river rocks and the fish tank gravel I liked the sand but after a while it becomes dirty and you risk scratching your glass if you stir it up when cleaning River rocks do fine just a little too big for my liking Fish gravel is nice but it costs way to much

Mar 05 2009 · I have alot of tankmates that take care of the cleaning sand the best way is to get a sand shifting star fish which will help move the sand and eat the dirt Also i would get nassuasirus snails I have a mixture of both onyx and tonga nassuasrius snails They are easy prey for hermit crabs but they help move the sand and eat dirt in the sand

If you every decide to replace the substrate in an aquarium after it is running you may find a lot of conflicting information out there about exactly how to do it Some will say to take the fish out others won t Some will say to do it in stages others will say to do it all at one time I have done it countless times in my own tanks and the tanks of my clients as well as instructed many

Sep 03 2019 · I only use sand substrates dont like the look of gravel at all But that is an aesthetic choice I have never had any issues leaving sand in for 3 4 and 5 years at a time because I keep it clean with vacuuming

Sand Despite the many benefits of gravel sand work very well in certain setups If you have species that like to burrow or sift through the substrate aquarium gravel can make life difficult for them For example certain small cichlids and loaches love to burrow In the absence of burrowing fish sand can lead to anaerobic dead zones

How to clean aquarium gravel Finishing Up i Take the temperature of the tank s water ii Fill a clean bucket with water that is the same temperature as your tank s water iii Treat the water if necessary Most tap water is not aquarium safe iv Place the bucket above the water level of the aquarium

Jan 24 2008 · RE When sand is used as an aquarium substrate how do you clean it I d imagine alot of fish poo would get in it and a gravel vaccuum would just suck it right up

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